How do voltage variations affect my Internet connection?

3 April, 2024

In the digital age in which we live, a reliable Internet connection is critical to many facets of our daily lives. From remote work to online entertainment, we rely heavily on a stable and fast connection. However, there is one factor that often goes unnoticed but can have a significant impact on the quality of our connection: voltage variations.

Recently, a well known telephone company in Mexico, has spoken out about this problem, alerting its users and inviting them to take precautionary measures against voltage variations. Every year, this problem affects more and more users, however, not many know the solution.

In this article, we will explain in detail what effects they have on your electronic devices and share with you some recommendations to keep them safe.

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What are voltage variations?

Voltage variations are one of the 9 most common electrical problems in the network. They refer to changes in the amount of electrical power supplied to electronic devices. These variations can be of long duration, overvoltages or even brownouts.

Although sometimes imperceptible to us, they can have adverse effects on our devices, including the routers and modems we use to connect to the Internet.

What effects do voltage variations have on the modem?

One of the most common effects of voltage variations in the Internet connection is the sudden interruption of service. When a surge occurs, electronic devices, such as routers, may shut down or reboot. This can lead to a momentary loss of Internet connectivity and affect productivity or cause frustration during online activities.

On the other hand, voltage drops can cause a slowdown in Internet connection speed. When the voltage supplied to a router is insufficient, it can cause it to operate suboptimally, resulting in a decrease in connection performance. This can manifest itself as web pages that take longer to load, videos that are constantly interrupted, or an overall slow browsing experience.

In addition to outages and slowdowns, voltage variations can also permanently damage network devices such as routers and modems. Sudden surges can burn out sensitive internal components, requiring costly repairs or device replacement. Even recurring brownouts can cause premature wear of electronic components, reducing device lifetime and increasing the likelihood of future failures.

Recommendations for protection against voltage variations

To protect your Internet connection from voltage variations, it is important to take preventive measures. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using surge protection devices, such as surge suppressors or surge protectors. These devices are designed to detect and deflect excess voltage, thus protecting your electronic devices, including routers, from potential damage.

On the other hand, a voltage regulator is an essential tool to protect your electronic devices, including your router or modem, from voltage variations. This device works by stabilizing the electrical current reaching the equipment, thus ensuring a constant and safe power supply.

By maintaining a stable voltage, the voltage regulator helps prevent sudden service interruptions, connection speed slowdowns and even permanent damage to your network devices, ensuring a smoother and more reliable Internet connection experience.

Also, make sure that your router is plugged into an adequate, quality power outlet. Avoid connecting it to overloaded outlets or in conjunction with appliances that generate power peaks, such as air conditioners or vacuum cleaners.

Protect your Internet connection with a stable power supply

In short, voltage variations can have a significant impact on the quality and reliability of your Internet connection. From sudden interruptions to slowdowns in connection speed and even permanent damage to devices, it is important to take steps to protect your electronic equipment and maintain a stable and secure connection.

Industronic can help you maintain a stable and safe power supply with the AMCR Voltage Regulator and SPV Surge Suppressor. Contact us for personalized advice to help you find the best option for your needs.

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