Solar Energy

Renewable energy for responsible business and industry

Solar energy is a renewable energy source designed to produce electricity by harnessing the sun’s radiation. This technology has great advantages for any application, as well as additional benefits for specific sectors such as residential, commercial and industrial.

Commercial & Industrial

Generally installed on a larger scale and provides reliable power for any application with minimal maintenance.

  • Extensive inventory for immediate delivery
  • Complimentary energy savings proposal
  • 24/7 service and support, 365 days a year
  • Customized R&D energy savings proposal
  • Industrial grade photovoltaic system proposal
  • Expertise in 11 engineering disciplines with nearly 50 years of experience
499.22 kWp

Walnut Processor
Application: Agroindustrial
Tariff: GDMTH
Location: Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua
System: 916 Canadian Solar 545 watts panels
Power: 916 x 545 = 499.22 kWpNuevo León Government

259.74 kWp

Nuevo León Government
Application: Government Offices
Tariff: GDMTH
Location: Guadalupe, Nuevo León
System: 444 panels Qcells brand of 585W
Power: 444 x 585 = 259.74 kWp

200.560 kWp

ProximityParks Mty Downtown
Application: e-commerce industry
Tariff: GDMTH
Location: Monterrey
System: 436 Q-CELLS 460 watts panels
Power: 436 x 460 = 200,560 kWp


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