Importance and tools for electrical energy metering

10 July, 2024

Energy metering tools can provide us with detailed data on how much we are consuming, what are the peaks of demand during the day, and which devices are generating the most expense.

With this information, we can better interpret the values that appear on our electricity bills, identify opportunities to reduce excessive consumption and, ultimately, keep our energy costs within a reasonable and consistent range.

Why is electricity metering key?

Measuring electrical energy is crucial to optimize the use of resources, reduce costs and improve energy efficiency in various environments. Some of the most important reasons are:

  • Cost management: detailed monitoring of electricity usage allows companies to better manage their budgets, negotiate more competitive rates with suppliers and optimally plan their infrastructure investments. In turn, by metering energy with electricity meters that record the actual consumption of each user, fair and transparent payment can be ensured.
  • Energy efficiency: knowing the exact electricity consumption of a home, business or industry helps to identify areas of inefficiency and adopt corrective measures to save energy use and reduce operating costs, which translates into a lower environmental impact.
  • Sustainability: Effective energy management is crucial to reducing the corporate carbon footprint and meeting corporate sustainability goals. In addition, many regulations require the installation of electricity meters in various environments, thus promoting the efficient use of energy and the reduction of polluting emissions.
  • Power quality: by measuring electrical parameters we can detect the main electrical problems that can be found in an electrical installation such as: low and high voltages, overloads, power outages, voltage and current harmonic distortion.

Tools for electrical energy measurement

In addition, tools for measuring electrical energy help to detect possible faults or failures in the electrical installation. An unusually high or low consumption is a problem that must be solved. Some of these tools are:

Electric meter

The electricity meter is a system that is responsible for measuring the energy consumed at the point of supply and is installed when the customer contracts electricity. This device records electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and KW, providing accurate data on energy use over time.

Electric energy monitor

The electrical energy monitor is a more sophisticated device, which not only measures total energy consumption in kWh, but also breaks down energy usage by specific devices, allowing for detailed, real-time analysis. These monitors are essential for advanced energy management, providing critical information for making informed decisions about energy usage.

How does the electrical energy monitor work?

Electrical energy monitors work through the use of sensors that are connected to the electrical circuits of a building or industrial facility, which produce electrical signals proportional to the parameters being measured. These sensors collect data on voltage, current, frequency, distortion, power factor and the power used by different equipment, and then send it to a centralized system, where it is analyzed and presented in a user-accessible interface.

The power monitors use WiFi, Cellular Data or Ethernet to transmit data efficiently and in real time. This allows users to monitor their energy consumption from mobile devices or computers, making it easier to identify consumption patterns and areas of inefficiency, and thereby make decisions to improve usage in a specific area.

How to read Industronic’s electric energy monitor?

In response to the need of some users in several countries to be able to segment energy consumption demand in certain areas and, in turn, to be able to measure energy consumption at different times of the day or different days of the week, Industronic developed the MDE electric energy monitor.

“This device measures the technical part and also provides data that can be managed from an administrative point of view,” says Nicolangelo Dell, Director of Power Quality at Industronic Group, who emphasizes that, “this MDE-IND 3000 energy monitor is specifically adapted to the power quality regulations in Mexico, allowing maintenance managers to visualize parameters and electricity rates updated monthly”.

In turn, this monitor combines technical and administrative benefits since, on the one hand, its integrated dashboard offers an online interface accessible from any device; and on the other hand, it stores data for up to one year. This allows users to review precise technical details and receive alerts when consumption exceeds 10% of the average of previous months.

In conclusion, the Industronic MDE power monitor is designed to provide a comprehensive view of energy consumption in industrial facilities. To have a better installation, analysis and monitoring of this device, it is important to have the advice of Industronic’s qualified personnel.

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