Research & Development

In house R&D Department manages innovation strategies on every single product. Activities include Industronic product analysis, development, quality improvement and energy efficiency enhancement.

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Structural Engineering
Structural materials, tools, machinery and designs are analyzed and continuously tested to improve durability, resistance, operation and strength against possible impact, unusually heavy use or hostile environmental occurrences.
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Electronic Engineering
New analog and digital power technologies are studied to discover more efficient ways to confront electrical problems and improve protection from serious electrical damage to equipment.
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Industrial and Process Engineering
Design, logistics optimization and production management activities focusing on product quality, operator safety and customer satisfaction.
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Energy Efficiency Research
Electrical installations, energy consumption and customer energy demands are monitored and analyzed continuously, generating new areas of research and improvements to current sectors and products.
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Special Projects Engineering
Special cases are reviewed and products are modified to adapt to customer requirements ranging from specific inputs, outputs, dimensions, specific environmental protection or other operational needs.
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New Product Design
New technologies are integrated into current products and developed into new products that protect against a wider range of electrical issues and ever changing needs.
Technical Support

Support and consultation available 24/7 for all Industronic offerings such as assistance with equipment specification, installation, repair, maintenance and power up.

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QAL Lab Testing

All products pass in house Quality Assurance Laboratory equipped with CAE Simulators (computer assisted engineering) and help Engineering staff conduct testing in electricity, control, communication, mechanical assembly, soldering, mechanical movement and others. Sophisticated testing equipment assists in monitoring, statistical analysis, electrical parameter identification and much more to offer clear & concise energy strategies based on customer goals.

New Technology

Industronic engineers are in constant search and application of new technology that can improve the performance of existing equipment, offering more real time information as well as more complete support to customers. Half a century of experience has brought the benefit of automated production lines, smarter materials and a more precise performance of energy quality equipment.

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