Community Work

We strive to respond to the many needs of our community by being actively involved in several causes that come close to our core values and our own employees interests.

With our People

We offer scholarships and academic assistance to our employees so they may grow academically, improve their quality of life and become more able to set their own course for professional growth and fulfillment.

We seek the growth of each of our employees. That is why TIM (Industronic Talent of Tomorrow) was created, an initiative that seeks to promote and develop today’s talent with a vision for the future.

With our Environment

We protect our environment through the whole process from from the innate design of our products to the manufacturing and in operation. Every single Industronic product we place on the market has energy efficiency technology and and a low carbon imprint, saving money, energy and toxic output during its extended lifetime.

All Industronic products have a low carbon footprint with features such as: low operating temperature, high energy efficiency, irregular voltage protection, product life extension, highly conductive wiring and materials, as well as resistant industrial grade components, cabinetry, and parts.

Our production process strictly adheres to Work Ministry ecology guidelines for toxic material use and disposal. Our employees are supplied with the necessary materials for their health and wellbeing while handling paints or other potentially harmful products.

Along with these practices, our Ecology Program was created with the goal of reducing the use of paper and other limited sourced items, recycling all our plastics and aluminum and safely reusing all possible items.


We carefully select projects that have the most direct positive impact and also where we can have hands on experiences. We believe education and immersion are the most important ways to make a sustainable difference.

Community Work 2023

On April 22nd, in cooperation with the “Sagrada Familia” association, we celebrated Children’s Day with the families of the community of Juarez, Nuevo León.

During this day, we were able to participate in several activities of our social work project. Among them, we cleaned the park, played with the children, and gave out food and toys.

It was an incredible experience to be able to share with the community and make this a special moment for everyone.

Industronic 2023

On September 17,2022, a social work project in the municipality of Sabanagrande, Atlántico, Colombia. This activity was carried out by several collaborators in Colombia where we delivered toys and snacks to the children of that community. Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this activity a reality!

Social Work Colombia 2022

Still Hope is an association from Monterrey, in charge of providing support to communities of extreme poverty in the southern state of Nuevo León, this Association was born at the end of 2019, currently they have collaborations from different companies, among which Industronic has joined.

How do we support?

On June 4, Industronic in collaboration with the Still Hope association, we attended the delivery of more than 100 basic food pantries in the south of the State of Nuevo León. For Industronic it is essential to collaborate and team up for the common good.

Social work still hope


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