Solar Energy

Solar Power Solutions

Solar power is a renewable energy source designed to produce electricity by harnessing radiation from the sun. This technology has great advantages for any application as well as additional benefits for specific sectors such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial .

Commercial and Industrial

Generally installed at a greater scale and provides reliable energy for any application with minimum maintenance.

  • Wide inventory for immediate delivery.
  • Complimentary Energy Saving Proposal.
  • 24/7 Service & Support, 365 days a year.
  • R&D Custom Energy Savings Proposal.
  • Complimentary industrial grade photovoltaic system proposal.
  • Expertise in 11 engineering disciplines with almost 50 years of experience.

Photovoltaic Systems

Additional information on Photovoltaic Systems.

Smart Investment
Solar Panels significantly reduce energy expense.
Property Value
High quality Solar Panel installation increases the value of your property.
Environmentally driven design greatly reduces CO2 emissions.
Tech Support
24/7 technical support provides peace of mind for years to come.

System Functionality

Photon Magazine

German independent Photon Magazine, distinguished within the Solar Community tested 151 brands of solar panels, resulting in a clear and consistent superiority by QCells Solar Panels, earning the title of ¨The best Polychristaline Solar Cell of the Market 2013¨ .

International Norm Approval
QCells Solar Panels meet and exceed International Standards such as IEC, UL and ISO.

The independent VDE Lab has a certification process that is three times more rigorous than international Photovoltaic standards. It performed field studies and lab experiments on Q Cells, testing their longevity, resistance, design and sustained performance; awarding it as the highest standard Solar Panel available both in products and production processes as the FIRST Solar brand with a VDE Quality Certification.

QCells internal lab conducts testing for mechanical and electric specifications at 2X the level of VDE standards. Each cell is identified by a serial number, making it easy to track and verify authenticity.

European Research study award given to QCells for reaching the premier place in European Solar Panels market for its unsurpassed quality.


ROI Return of Investment

Q Cells has a very impressive ROI ; from 3 to 6 years with an operational lifetime of 25 years, making it the safest and smartest investment in the world.

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