Harmonic Filter

The FAP Passive Harmonic Filter and FAPA Passive Harmonic Adaptive Filter lines have been designed to work in 2 or 3 phases in order to improve harmonic distortion. They provide an effective filtering of 50% of the THDi distortion. The FAPA allow to reduce distortion to 5%, complying with network code 2.0. They have an integrated harmonic distortion meter. They are compatible with voltage regulators and UPS systems, which ensure the proper operation of this equipment.

FAP-IND 53000

30 ~ 500 kVA

The FAP-IND Harmonic Filter, designed to reduce harmonic current distortion, operates at frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz, preventing malfunctioning of your equipment.

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FAPA-IND 53000

50~1000 kVA

The FAPA-IND Adaptive Harmonic Filter is designed to reduce harmonic current distortion at 5% full load and 8% to 30% load. It is compliant with Grid Code 2.0 and IEEE 519, in addition to improving the service life and prolonging the connected loads, as well as improving the Power Factor.

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