About Us

We are a proudly Mexican energy quality manufacturing company with a vast array of protection, backup and energy generation products for any application.

Our Purpose

We aim to provide unsurpassed excellence in energy solutions while efficiency, innovation and focus on quality continue to drive us to create new and improved technology, reduced footprint, improved work environment, inclusion and commitment to our community.

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We strive to design, manufacture and distribute power conditioning, backup and generation products with the highest standard in materials & processes within a system that supports our employees growth as well as the security and productivity of our customers interests.


We focus on becoming industry leaders not only in Mexico and Central America, but beyond. Our method will continue to be by working with a strong set of values, including honesty and mutual respect for each other, our suppliers, our employees and customers. We believe in creating trust by providing unsurpassed value, innovation, quality, performance, efficiency and security through our designs.


We proudly hold the most important quality certifications both in equipment and processes. We strive to earn and maintain our customers trust.

Research & Development

Our in house R&D department initiates and develops the new product design process, adapting to current technology trends and preparing the next generation of equipment to protect our customers investment.

Our Values

Our code of ethics includes our pillars: honesty and respect. These and all our values have served as a guide during almost half a century and will continue to drive the way we relate to customers, suppliers and each other.

Our History

We are a proudly Mexican company, founded in 1973. We are creators of the first electronic voltage regulator, later to become our famous AMCR Power Conditioner. We own the patents to all our Power Conditioning equipment and have our own in house R&D department that continues to create and improve on our technology solutions.


Icono Quality

We have a passion for quality and a commitment to continuous improvement of our products and processes.

Icono Loyalty

We work hand in hand with our global distributors by assisting with sales and tech support, yet fiercely respecting their customers and projects.

Icono Honesty

We are committed to truth, transparency and congruency in all our communication, activities and promises.

Icono Respect

We endeavor to maintain our relationships and build long term goals based on mutual respect for our partners, customers, suppliers and employees.

Community Work

We believe in acting responsibly within our community and giving our time and resources to improve the quality of life for those around us. Starting with our employees, we promote inclusion, consciousness and teamwork.


We satisfy our customers through a personalized, fast and timely experience in each of our contact channels, with protection, backup and clean energy generation solutions, complying with the requirements applicable to products and services through continuous improvement, after-sales service, efficiency in our processes and the development of new products and services. efficiency of our processes and the development of development of our collaborators’ competencies.

Quality Goals
  • Search for customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous process improvement.
  • Maintain efficient processes.
  • Have competent personnel.
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