Voltage Spikes

5 May, 2020

What is a voltage spike?

Transitory voltage spikes are a common disruption as electricity enters the home or building.  Voltage should follow a sinusoidal pattern but occasionally, the pattern is disturbed, exceeds the range of tolerance (either higher or lower) and are the culprits of severe damage.

How are voltage spikes caused?

Voltage spikes are caused by common scenarios such as blackouts, short circuits, capacitor start up, electrical storms, high demand of energy usage in peak seasons, and more.  With users all across the network demanding energy, and consuming it at different levels, controlling and distributing it becomes challenging for local providers.

What are the dangers of voltage spikes?

Voltage spikes can cause serious damage to components of sensitive equipment connected to the line where these spikes appear.  Electronic components found in all technology today are vulnerable to transitory high or low voltage resulting in:

  • Data loss or corruption
  • Operating failure
  • Component short circuiting
  • Blown fuses
  • Overheating
  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Many more

What is a low cost solution?

Robust protection such as a Surge Suppressor SPV-IND model by Industronic is the ideal solution for this widespread issue.  Not only are appliances, machinery, computers or others protected, but life expectancy is greatly extended and costly damage repair or replacement is avoided.  Multiple applications are possible with this versatile product:  food industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, telecom, offices, health centers and more.  In short, any application where there is a dependence on electronics.

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