Rainy season

1 September, 2019

The rainy season, hurricanes and tropical depressions are the time of the year when the greatest amount of precipitation occurs in a region, and can last for one or more months. During this time, everyone with sensitive electronic equipment, from computers and high-definition televisions in the home to machinery and precision equipment in the workplace, is exposed to damage if not properly protected.

Voltage fluctuations, electrical discharges and lightning induction in domestic installations are some of the risks to sensitive equipment, whether in the home or workplace, and the danger increases considerably during the rainy season, which can have serious consequences for the devices and for the users.


Acquiring surge suppressors and voltage conditioners are among the most frequent recommendations made by experts so that you can protect your equipment, avoiding losses or damages to its operation. In case of a power outage, the UPS uninterruptible power supply will allow you to continue operating thanks to the backup provided by the battery storage.


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