Energy Management and Covid-19

11 May, 2020

Millions across the planet are staying at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. This massive scale shift has brought on a crisis of another kind: energy management. We have become exceedingly dependent on electricity. Almost all of our channels for connecting with the world and performing our basic activities depend on this limited and costly element. Mexico is no exception.

Vital electricity power modems that are essential for remote schooling, work, entertainment; cell phones for social media, grocery shopping and personal communication; computers for academic projects, e mails and work documents; electric ovens that are being used for higher than normal baking and lastly…and air conditioning equipment that is powered on 24/7.

In the business world, change is also brewing. As companies run to transform themselves practically overnight in a frantic attempt to adapt; they are emigrating to digital technologies where personal contact can be bypassed, while quality and efficiency are maintained.

The consequences are clear: these extraordinary activities are creating unheard-of challenges for energy providers and users. Electric bills are arriving twice as high (or even more) than ever before.
Is there some good news? In Mexico, during the health emergency of Covid-19, CFE will NOT bump up residential users into the higher pricing bracket due to increased power usage.

Even so, we are still facing unprecedented electric bills. Here are some simple suggestions to cut energy usage and improve efficiency:

  • Remember to review scheduling for A/C thermostats. As offices, studios, salons, shops and other work places are remaining closed, many non essential businesses have forgotten to either shut off or adapt cooling/heating schedules on their units.
  • For all our essential business customers who are still operating at some level, we recommend checking the input voltage of your building or factory with a simple voltmeter. While neighboring business have remained closed, high & dangerous voltages are a common occurrence, especially in industrial, business and commercial zones. These high voltages result in higher energy bills (energy that you didn’t use) and increased voltage spikes that can cause severe damage to electrical equipment…even when they are not being used.
  • During the storm season, we strongly suggest you take measures in protecting your investment by disconnecting loads that are not in operation or those that are critical yet are not being protected by a Power Conditioner. When a power outage occurs, and a few moments later energy is reestablished, input voltage is at a dangerously high level and may cause irreparable damage to your equipment and every load that is connected to the power line.

Protecting your investment is our priority. We hope this information will be useful to all our valued customers.

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