AMCR Power Conditioners Energy Monitor

23 April, 2020

The energy market is in constant evolution and costs are continuously rising along with manufacturers efforts to improve efficiency in their product lines and processes. All around us we notice continuous modifications and improvements in the offerings of companies striving to build cleaner machinery, industrial robotics, illumination systems, medical equipment, cooling systems, data centers and more. All these changes have come at a cost, bringing new challenges in the energy network such as the arrival of harmonics, low power factors, voltage imbalance and overloads. These disturbances can cause data loss, operating failures, power outages and other serious damage to equipment connected to the network without protection.

Power Conditioners Energy Monitor

AMCR GEN3 Power Conditioners are different from the generation before them and superior in the many features that are integrated into the new design. Advanced voltage regulation & power conditioning are based on measurements of energy quality taken during line monitoring. Not only are you able to block dangerous spikes and regulate voltages with high precision, but you have real time information at your fingertips of electrical parameters such as power factor, energy usage, disruptive events, and others.

Energy quality monitoring can present data such as unbalance input voltages, measure line to neutral , line to line, float voltage and other anomalies, providing users with insight into personal consumption habits, possible saving opportunities and enabling the possibility of anticipating and preventing serious damage to their equipment.

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