Why use a surge protector?

19 June, 2023

Safeguard your equipment with a surge protector

Do you know what a surge protector is and what role it plays in your electrical system? There are times when we think we have everything under control, when suddenly something unexpected occurs, for example, a voltage fluctuation, putting everything connected to our electrical system at risk.

Blackouts, brownouts, voltage spikes and voltage sags are all events that catch us off-guard, and the consequences can be disastrous if we don’t have the necessary protection. Atmospheric events aren’t the only cause of electrical discharges, power outages or voltage fluctuations. The problem is more complex than you may realize, partly because of transients.

Transients can be the result of starting up motors, elevators, transformers and pumps, among other things.

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What role does a surge protector play in an electrical system?

Imagine that there’s a welding shop near your business. All of a sudden, you detect voltage fluctuations, and all sorts of catastrophic possibilities start running through your mind. This is when you need a specialized device to protect your sensitive electrical equipment.

This device, known as a surge protector, allows the electrical current to pass through as long as the voltage is within an acceptable range. It works similarly to an interface or breaker switch, placed between the electrical power supply and the connected hardware.

Below, we’ll tell you about the experience of a music producer who equipped his studio with a surge protector. This information may give you an idea of what you might need for your business.

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Minimizing the risks posed by voltage spikes

Being in the entertainment and music production industry requires a lot of sacrifice and attention to detail. One of the most important details is protecting electronic components from voltage fluctuations, voltage sags and electrical discharges.

While filming a music video at a facility he was unfamiliar with, he observed that there were several pieces of damaged equipment lying around, including consoles, amplifiers and other costly items. When he asked the owner of the premises what damaged the equipment, he discovered that there had been a transient or voltage spike caused by contamination in the local power grid. This made him realize that he had better protect his studio before something unfortunate happened to him, as well. Consequently, he safeguarded his facilities using various surge protectors so that he could enjoy greater peace of mind while working at his studio.

Conclusions the client shared with us

First, the devices are reasonably priced, and the model you choose will depend on where you’re going to install it (whether in a private home or a specific type of business, for example). Second, it isn’t difficult to install a surge protector in the load center. The phases are clearly indicated and the wires are labeled, so all you need is a little help and a little knowledge. In other words, having a surge protector to safeguard the investment you’ve made in your equipment is a wise decision that won’t break the bank.

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Remember that a surge protector is the solution!

If a nearby power station fails or a transformer burns out, a surge protector will buffer the discharge and effectively ground it, keeping your electronic components safe from voltage fluctuations.

Please note, however, that the voltage of the electrical power supply must coincide with the rated voltage indicated on the product label. If you connect it to a system with higher voltage, you’ll damage the equipment.

If you think that an amplifier (if you’re a musician) or regulator is all you need to protect your electronic components, you’d better think again. No matter what type of specialized equipment your company or business has, Industronic is sure to have the right surge protector for it. It’s the perfect way to avoid major problems that could end up costing you millions of dollars.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to clear up all your doubts! In the end, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that your equipment is well protected.

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