How important is the Grid Code?

27 March, 2024

In the dynamic and complex world of the energy sector, the “Grid Code 2.0” emerges as an essential but often underestimated element. This set of rules and standards plays a crucial role in the operation and efficiency of our power grids.

In this article, we will explore what grid code is, why it is critical to the operation of our energy system, and how it can meet these guidelines.

What is the grid code?

The Grid Code can be defined as a set of technical and operational regulations governing the planning, design, construction and operation of electrical networks. Its main purpose is to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of the electricity supply. These standards are developed and maintained by regulatory agencies and managed by utilities and network operators.

In Mexico, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) defines it as a document that establishes the minimum technical requirements to efficiently develop the following processes: planning; operational and physical control; access and use of the electricity infrastructure.

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Key benefits of the grid code

We can list four benefits of regulatory compliance for facilities.

  • Energy security: by establishing safety and reliability standards, this regulation helps prevent failures in the electric system that could result in power outages and economic losses.
  • Operational efficiency: the technical standards of the code optimize the operation of electrical installations, reducing contingency response times and maximizing the efficiency of the system as a whole.
  • Integration of renewable energies: the Grid Code favors the integration of renewable energy sources by establishing specific requirements for their connection and operation. This promotes the transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity system.
  • Promoting competition: by establishing equitable rules for all participants in the electricity market, the code encourages competition and the entry of new players, which can translate into benefits for consumers, such as more competitive prices and greater technological innovation.

Challenges and future prospects

Although the Grid Code represents a significant advance in the regulation of the Mexican electricity system, it still faces important challenges. One of the main challenges is to ensure its effective compliance by all market participants, as well as its periodic updating to adapt to technological advances and new market conditions.

In addition, the transition to a more sustainable and decentralized electricity system poses new challenges for the code, such as the integration of energy storage systems and the management of the intermittency of renewable sources.

Main criteria to be fulfilled according to the Network Code 2.0

Following the update of the Grid Code 2.0 regulations, new requirements are included for medium voltage (2.4kV, 4.16kV, 13.8kV, 23kV or 34.5kV) connected Load Centers with contractual demand greater than or equal to 1 MW.

The main criteria to be met are:

  • The power factor must be controlled between 95% and 100% with measurements every five minutes.
  • Correct the harmonic current distortion depending on the fraction between the short circuit current and the load current.
  • Perform electrical studies and the necessary measurements.

Now, are there penalties for non-compliance with the Network Code 2.0? Yes, as established by the Electric Industry Law (LIE), Last Reform DOF 11-05-2022, in its article 165, the sanctions can reach:

  • Fraction I. A fine of two to ten percent of the gross income received in the previous year.
  • Section II. Fine of fifty thousand to two hundred thousand minimum wages.

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Power quality solutions for grid code compliance

At Industronic, we have power quality solutions that allow you to have control and carry out compliance with official regulations.

Harmonic Filter

First, harmonic filters play an essential role in regulatory compliance by mitigating harmonic distortions in the electrical current. These distortions, caused by non-linear loads such as electronic equipment and lighting systems, can adversely affect the quality of the power supply and cause problems in the network.

By eliminating or reducing these harmonics, the filters ensure a more stable and efficient flow of energy, thus guaranteeing that electrical installations meet the quality and reliability requirements established by regulations.

Energy Monitor

On the other hand, energy monitors play a key role in grid code compliance by providing an effective tool for monitoring and managing electricity consumption. These devices allow real-time data collection on energy consumption in electrical installations, facilitating early detection of irregularities and analysis of consumption patterns.

By having detailed information on energy use, operators can identify optimization opportunities and take proactive measures to improve energy efficiency and meet regulatory requirements.

Surge Suppressor

On the other hand, surge suppressors play a crucial role in protecting electrical equipment against sudden power surges. Surges, caused by atmospheric electrical discharges, heavy load switching or network failures, can severely damage equipment and affect the continuity of the power supply.

With the installation of adequate surge suppressors, the risk of damage to equipment is significantly reduced, ensuring a safer and more reliable operation of the electrical system. This helps to maintain the quality of the power supply within the limits established by the regulations and to prevent possible service interruptions.

Industronic can be your partner in energy quality

In conclusion, through clear technical and operational standards, this regulatory framework helps drive the integration of new technologies and foster competition in the sector, laying the groundwork for a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

Industronic has a catalog of integral solutions that allow you to achieve these objectives. From Harmonic Filters, Surge Suppressors, to an Energy Monitor. The latter allows you to collect real-time information about the electrical parameters of your installation.

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