Energy Audits

Industronic Energy Audits are crucial for locating vulnerabilities in the installation, identifying electrical failures, discovering opportunities for energy saving or operational efficiency, and resolving other serious issues in a factory, commercial building or large scale facility.  Over 150 electrical parameters may be monitored, tracked and analyzed by Industronic electrical engineering staff.  Deliverables include a comprehensive, written report based on the collected data and a specific program for meeting individual customer goals.

Analysis is performed for a minimum of 7 days with 24 hours for each parameter under observation.  Parameters of study as well as timelines are determined jointly with the customer, depending on the electrical environment and other considerations.

You can only control what you measure

Over 150 electrical parameters can be measured and analyzed.  Among the most important are:

  • Line to Line Voltage
  • Line to Neutral Voltage
  • Current per Phase
  • K Factor
  • Frequency
  • Ground Current
  • Power Factor per Phase
  • Peak Power Demand
  • Peak Voltage per Phase
  • Voltage Imbalance per Phase
  • Reactive Power
  • Voltage Harmonic Distorsion
  • Current Harmonic Distortion

Results include observations from interviews with users & maintenance staff, physical evidence and data collecting.  Conclusions are delivered with supporting graphic and data evidence along with an implementation plan with identifiable steps for improving and correcting substandard electrical issues, reducing energy consumption and improving overall electrical efficiency.

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